online diamondsSo you have a diamond and jewelry website set up and you are ready to sell!

You spend a fortune of money and a ton of effort optimizing your site for maximum performance and visibility on the major search engines.

You engage in SEM to help with your internet exposure.

You might even display beautiful, quality products, at great prices!

Problem is, your policies absolutely STINK!

Some websites get so caught up with their products and visibility on the net, they forget how important it is to put forth clear and cogent policies geared towards facilitating a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

Some of the “best websites” have cumbersome and tedious policies with respect to their products and services, leaving consumers dazed and confused.

Do they offer a lifetime upgrade or not?

They call in every diamond for an evaluation..but then they charge you for the shipping? They don’t charge for the initial shipment of the diamond to them..but they charge for the return shipping back to the manufacturer if you do not buy the stone..

They won’t sell a diamond they haven’t personally evaluated first…..and indeed this is promoted as a distinguishing “selling point”…..until you find out that they charge you money for the “service”.

They offer a collection of “their very own” “Signature Diamonds” which (fine print here..) they actually just source from a virtual diamond database.

They do offer a price match policy….but it depends on the diamond and who the competing vendor is…

They make no stipulation that you purchase a completed diamond engagement ring from their company…and yet……they won’t ship the loose diamond you just purchased to a different Internet seller who is earning your business on the ring setting.

They have no problems selling an engagement ring setting by itself….that is, until they find out that you purchased the loose diamond from their competition!!

Policies are often extremely convoluted and sometimes change from minute to minute and depending on which representative you happen to get on the phone at the time.

In my experience, clear and straightforward policies on the part of the seller, is just as important as the quality and value of the merchandise provided.

It is not easy for many to make the transition to buying (any) product(s) online. Therefore, efficient and clearly outlined policies can only help build consumer confidence and will ultimately help facilitate a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.