customized jewelry

When it comes to being your special day, you may find yourself stressing about every little detail. The good news is that there is relief to the stress and worry when the wedding is over.

However, in your efforts to make every detail customized to you and your sig-ot (significant other), you may want to consider ordering custom wedding rings or jewelry for your special day. Though there are many jewelers in San Diego, for instance, who use the term “custom made” along with “handcrafted” and “handmade” as a great advertising strategy, some “custom made” jewelry is actually manufactured in large runs, with hundreds if not thousands of other identical pieces. I

f you’re looking for a truly custom made piece of jewelry that’s crafted according to your specifications and vision, make sure to look for a trustworthy custom jewelry seller that will work with you to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece made specifically for you.

Getting Started

Custom jewelry is a marriage (pardon the pun) between the jeweler’s skill and artistry and the customer’s personal vision. Thus, the first thing you need to have if you’re looking to order a piece of custom jewelry is a basic concept or idea of what you want your custom design to look like or embody.

What characteristics do you want your custom piece to possess? Size, color, materials and style are all things you should consider. The design will likely develop and change as the process of creating your custom piece moves along, but it’s good to have a solid starting concept in hand.

Once you have a good idea of what you want your custom piece to look like, it’s time to look around for the right custom jewelry seller. Call as many jewelers as you can/want to get a feel for the quality of their customer service and jewelry making process. Tell them what you’re looking for and ask any questions that come to mind. Don’t forget to involve your sig-ot and have them involved in the process if possible.

There are a number of web sites like Tacori and Verragio that offer customized jewelry with extremely high quality and craftsmanship. However, these big brands do not come cheap compared to the generic brands.

So, browse around and ask questions before you settle on a jeweler. Good luck!