engagement rings galleryWhat’s the Occasion?

Ring styles and designs generally fall into specific categories that have become accepted in our society as the norm, or “typical”, for certain events or occasions.

For example, a classic solitaire diamond is generally considered a classic engagement ring, possibly because Hollywood showed it that way 60 years ago in the many war bride movies of that time, or because big diamond companies began advertising it that way.

But the trend today is individuality and virtually any style or design that pleases the wearer is now being chosen and worn as a personal choice engagement ring. And the trend for personal taste expressions in a multitude of styles has influenced the choices for every category of rings including wedding bands and anniversary bands. With this in mind, here is a general outline of the most common occasion-based ring styles.

Engagement Ring

A ring usually set with a gemstone (commonly a diamond) that is traditionally given by a man and worn by a woman to signify their mutual intention to be married. The style might include side stones of either diamond or gemstone, can range from art deco to simple band design, and can utilize any of a dozen setting types for the center stone.

Wedding Ring or Band

Traditional wedding rings are 14k, 18k or 24k gold bands, with the wife’s band wider than the husband’s. To learn more about the differences between the types of gold materials, click here.

More modern versions are made of white gold, platinum or even titanium or tungsten. They may be simple polished bands, diamond inlaid styles, engraved or carved with intricate designs, or even Celtic or Claddagh motif. For this occasion it is less about the style than the wearing that matters.

Bridal Sets Basically this is a matching set of an engagement ring and a wedding band. They are designed to be complimentary and worn together. A very popular style for those who look and plan a bit ahead.

Anniversary Ring or Band

This is a ring given by a man to his wife on the anniversary of their wedding day as a symbol of enduring love. Traditionally, each year of marriage is associated with a specific gem or precious metal but the trend today is to pick any style and stone that is pleasing to both him and her.

wedding rings

Eternity Band

This is a specific style of anniversary ring that features small gemstones (usually diamonds) set in and around an entire band to symbolize the eternity of the marriage or commitment. Today either or both married persons wear it.

Three Stone Ring

This is considered an occasion ring only because it is usually given when one wishes to tell the other “I loved you, I love you, and I will always love you.” It is usually set with three diamonds or other precious gemstones that signify past, present and future.

OK, I know “why” but “what?”

Well, for starters, we know the reason you wish to buy or give the ring so that helps narrow down the basic categories of style that might work for you. Sadly, there is nobody we know who can hold up one ring and honestly say, “This is the perfect choice for you.” And they shouldn’t. Would you ask someone else to find you somebody to marry or pick a name for your child? These are very personal choices with much emotion involved. So let’s go back to what you do know best….the woman who will wear the ring.

What kind of clothing does she wear? Is she flashy or modest in styles, does she wear bright colors or prefer black and deep hues?

What kind of jewelry does she own and wear? Is it simple elegance or fashion statement? Is it white or yellow gold, platinum or silver, or heavy metal fashion?

Is she shy and demure, bold and in-your-face, quiet and confident? Does she prefer to stay around home or make every scene?

What occupation does she pursue? Is it more mental and office type or hands-on get it done type?

We hoped this introductory article to diamond jewelry helped in your research! Feel free to browse around and email us if you have questions.