engagement rings galleryA Diamond’s Cut is actually about how well proportioned your diamond really is. You have to keep in mind the percentage of its diameter that is its depth, its angles etc.


A diamond’s cut is counted amongst its most important qualities.

It has the maximum impact on a diamond’s appearance.

It determines the sparkle of the diamond.

What is a Diamond Cut Grade?

It’s nothing but the measure of a diamond’s light performance, or, as the layman calls it – sparkle.

A diamond’s cut proportions directly effects the sparkles of your diamond. If you are interested in learning more about cut and other factors of the 4Cs like diamond clarity and how inclusions can affect brilliance, visit: http://beyond4cs.com/clarity/

Here is a list of the various kinds of Cut Grades in descending order:

Signature Ideal cut: This is the best cut that we have to offer. The highest quality of polish that we polish it with, along with its perfect symmetry allow it stand apart from the other diamonds on the basis of its sheer sparkle.

Ideal cut: This cut allows to reflect almost all the light that enters the diamond.

Very good cut: The difference between the reflection of this cut and the Ideal cut is very little, and you get this at a cheaper price.

Good cut: Since it reflects most of the light that enters the diamond, it is slightly more cheap than a very good cut.

Fair cut: Needless to say, its cut is not its most outstanding quality, but it’s a good option for those people who want an equilibrium between a fair cut and a decent price range.

Poor cut: The diamonds that have these cuts have very poor sparkle, hence we do not deal with such diamonds.

If you’re wondering as to which cut you should opt for, think no further. Our Signature Cut Collection has the best cuts that can be offered to you. This collection boasts of custom made cuts, with every single diamond going through the hands of experts to make sure they can be given the finest cuts that can be made available to you.